What is Building Performance?

When we talk about high performance buildings, we’re not just speaking of super-efficient equipment, appliances, and building materials. Indeed, the world is full of manufacturers and suppliers touting a bewildering array of products and technologies claiming to be “the answer” to your needs for clean air, higher efficiency, environmental responsibility, etc…

The home that you live in or the building in which you work is a complex, integrated, and dynamic system.  Any attempt to use a specific product or technology to address everyone needs is misguided at best and actually dangerous at worst.

When designing a new home or upgrading an existing home, a systemic approach must be taken, considering location, orientation, the buildings. intended purpose, local environmental factors, and most importantly, the needs and special considerations of the occupants.

New construction techniques and more advanced building materials are resulting in better performing and more efficient homes everywhere.  As with any system however, higher performance means closer tolerances.  We simply can’t get away with the design oversights and inexact construction techniques that we have in the past.

Misuse of new building materials and incorrect implementation of new construction practices are adding to the problems.  As a result, premature structural failures, dangerous carbon monoxide levels, indoor air quality problems, mold, and other issues are occurring at an alarming rate. We are here to help you navigate the world of high performance housing.  Please call us with any questions you may have.

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Building Professionals

We offer a suite of services for the building professional to help navigate the waters of “building performance” or “green building”.  The knowledge we have gained and systems processes we have developed through our years of experience in new and existing construction projects translates into smoother, more organized, and more comprehensive experiences for builders and sub contractors.  For architects and home owners, heavily involved in the building of custom homes, we ensure that the building you designed is what you actually get at the final inspection.

The nature of the new construction business lends itself to potential problems through misunderstandings, confusion over codes and green building certification requirements, and added costs and delays.  Achieving the goals of a truly engineered system of increased health, comfort, efficiency, and sustainability, particularly in a new construction project, demands an equally well developed system for all involved parties to work within.  The devil, as they say, is…

in the details.  The importance of all of the building professionals to have access to correct and current information regarding the details of building performance, the green building and certification processes, and an efficient framework for achieving the desired results, cannot be overstated.  Nearly anyone can offer to check boxes on a form to comply with specific regulations; but very few can offer a truly comprehensive system that results in the highest quality projects that also don’t erode healthy profit margins and achieve high customer satisfaction levels so important to your future business.

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